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 Key Insights into the Used Car Market in Sharjah

Key Insights into the Used Car Market in Sharjah

The car market is very trendy and in talks. People in the UAE are more active in buying car parts and selling them. The UAE used car market is more likely to grow by 2028. Most car buyers are interested in knowing more about the latest trends. Moreover, vendors and buyers want to know about the used car market in Sharjah

According to a research study, the UAE used car market USD 20.60 billion in 2021. Also, it is projected to reach USD 43.13 billion by 2028.  The UAE used car market can get the growth because of the emergence of online platforms. These platforms are used for the purchase and sale of used cars. Due to their affordable prices, used cars are getting more attention.  

Moreover, the used car market is gaining popularity in the UAE because of all the information available. People look for cheaper prices and good quality materials. The used car markets provide cheaper cars and car parts. This is one of the reasons for the customer’s interest. 

In addition, Sharjah is the third-largest emirate in the UAE. It boasts a thriving used car market, rising disposable incomes, and a strong option for transportation. It is crucial to understand the key trends shaping this dynamic market. 

The used car parts market in Sharjah is experiencing great growth. So, let’s get into some of the trends: 

Increasing demands for used car parts  

As the number of used cars on the road continues to grow. So does the demand for the spare and used parts. Many car owners choose used parts as a cost-effective alternative to new ones. This demand is also growing for old vehicles.  

Rising popularity of DIY repairs  

DIY automotive repair is becoming popular among car owners. Mostly, it is trendy among the younger generations who are tech-savvy. Many people seek to save on maintenance costs. This trend is driving demands for affordable used car parts

Environmental awareness and sustainability  

People are becoming environmentally friendly. They are going for used car parts to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices. Used parts offer environmental impact of vehicle repairs. 

Advancements in manufacturing and technology  

Technological advancements have improved the durability and quality of used car parts. This has increased consumer confidence in purchasing used parts. It will further fuel the growth of this market. 

Expansion of online marketplaces  

Online platforms are expanding their reach into the used car parts market. It further provides a convenient and accessible way for buyers to find and purchase parts. Online marketplaces offer a wider selection of parts, customer reviews, and detailed descriptions. This helps the customers to make informed decisions.  

Insights for businesses in the used car market 

Adapt for CPO vehicles 

If you are trying to get into the used car market business, then you must offer a comprehensive CFO. You should offer a CPO program with extended warranties, inspections, and roadside assistance. 

Embrace online marketplaces  

You should establish a strong online presence on popular car-selling problems to reach a wider audience. It will benefit you to get more customers. 

Cater to the preference for SUVs and crossovers 

Stock a diverse inventory of SUVs and crossovers to meet the demand for these popular vehicle types.  

Highlight advanced technology feature  

Emphasize the technological advancements of your used cars to attract tech-savvy buyers. 


The used market in Sharjah is a dynamic and evolving landscape driven by changing consumer preferences, economic factors, technological advancement, and economic factors. Businesses that can adapt to these trends and provide affordable, good quality, and convenient car buying experiences.  

The used car parts market in Sharjah is a promising sector with significant growth potential. Businesses that can adapt to evolving consumer preferences. It is evolving in embracing technology and emphasizing sustainability. JIUASP is one of the most reliable auto spare car parts companies. We provide all kinds of spare parts for cars, especially Honda car parts. If you want to buy any used car parts, feel free to contact us and book a free meeting. We will guide you about your car parts and what parts you can replace.  


What is the best website to sell used car parts? 

The best websites to sell auto parts are the ones that were designed for both the buyer and sellers. It ensures the best experience for everyone in the marketplace. Amazon, Walmart, and eBay are the top bets websites for the best customer experience. 

How to purchase high-quality automobile spare parts? 

Do your proper research on automobile products. Be sure what spare part you want. Note the OEM number of the automobile product. Confirm the payment and shipping options with your dealer. 

What car parts are easy to sell? 

Electronic parts like HVAC controls, radio, CD dash, and subwoofers or speakers are usually easy to sell. Mechanical parts can be lucrative because they are easier to buy than brand-new ones.  

How can I send more auto parts? 

Offering incentives and discounts can bring more customers to your store. Many people are looking for the great deal that businesses can offer. Try to use the strategy of offering more than the price to attract the customer. 

How to start the business of auto parts? 

You should conduct market research and know your niche. You must develop a business plan and start the implementation. Get a license and secure funding for your business. Establish a strong supplier network and choose a good location for your auto parts business. Also, you can get auto parts business advice from JIUASP in UAE. 

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