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 The Importance Of Steel In The Automotive Industry

The Importance Of Steel In The Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, it is important to know about the trends. Whenever you go to the market and try to buy something, you must know about the best material of automobiles. Steel is one of the crucial raw materials in the automotive of the vehicle. These include galvanized steel, stainless steel, etc. In this article, we will discuss the importance of steel in the automotive industry. If you own a car and like to buy the best cars and vehicles, then this blog is for you.

Steel is one of the main materials in the automotive industry. As per the World Steel Organization, around 900 kg of steel is utilized in automobiles. Out of this, about 40 % of steel is used indoors, body structures, and trunk closures. Around 23% is used in drivetrains. About 12% is used in suspensions, and the remaining in fuel tanks, wheel braking systems, etc. Moreover, the importance of steel in the automobile sector can be seen in every part of the automobiles.

Feature of steel for the automotive industry

Steel has a lot of unique characteristics that make it a raw material in many industries. If you are a car lover and car driver, you should know about the demanding material used in it. The growth of the steel sector in the UAE has been great. Let’s discuss some of the key features of steel that make it a crucial raw material from the automotive industry’s point of view.


Steel is known for its strength and hence is used in different industries. For instance, steel is a crucial raw material in automotive, construction, aerospace, and other sectors. Moreover, it is a hard material and can support small or big vehicles. Also, it is lower in cost when we compare it with other materials giving similar features. Advanced strength steel is the popular choice for vehicle bodies. If you see, the car material is also somehow made up of steel.


Besides its strength, steel provides safety. It means that the steel can bring less external damage to some extent. I, as a passenger, can tell you that this is one of the most important features of automobiles.


Advances high strength steel is a new generation of steel that is about 25-35% lighter than conventional steel. This makes it more eco-friendly and sustainable. It improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. According to the research, the use of advanced high-strength steel makes the passenger car lighter, about 170-270. This can help to save about 3-3.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases during the cars’ whole life span.


You can 100% recycle the steel as it is recyclable. It can be melted down and recovered without losing the material quality.

Some of the other advantages the steel are that it can have more durability and also maintain its formability. These are some important benefits from the manufacturing perspective. This makes steel an important material in the production of the vehicle’s framework. Don’t skip and keep reading if you want to know further about the vehicle’s manufacturing.

Steel in the vehicle framework

However, steel is used in many vehicles, including two-wheelers such as motorcycles, scooters, passenger cars, and larger vehicles, as the raw material requirement changes as per the vehicle. Here is the role of steel in a different type of vehicle framework.

Passenger car’s framework

The framework of the vehicle is a very important part of the car. It is important as it withstands pressure and other weather conditions, etc. Also, it requires enhancing the safety of the passengers inside. Since the framework is the basic structure of the car, it directly impacts the performance of the car, too. Considering these expectations, manufacturers use advanced high-strength steel for the vehicle framework. As per the industry standards, the body of the car requires a minimum tensile strength of 440 MPa. Also, it helps in lightweighting the vehicle, which leads to better fuel efficiency.

Framework for large vehicles

Large vehicles such as buses need to withstand high-weight pressure. Steel meets these requirements and makes these buses safer, too. As a result, high-quality strength steel is widely used in the framework of the buses.

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