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 10 Most Frequently Replaced Auto Parts For Your Vehicle In Dubai

10 Most Frequently Replaced Auto Parts For Your Vehicle In Dubai

There are many vehicles on the road, many models and variants than before. Be it a Lamborghini or Ferrari, most vehicles are built and designed using the same principles. Most of the cars will face the same problems as they age.

Definitely, there will be many differences depending on the model and manufacturer. The choice of the transmission or powertrain and design choices. These may cause trouble, but when it is about the main elements. Cars often need to go to the repair shops for many reasons.

There are certain parts that need to be replaced more often in Dubai. As a car owner, you should set a budget for replacing the components in the future. To replace the best auto parts, you must find the best auto parts store in Dubai. Let’s discuss the most frequent automotive parts and read till the end.

Oil filter

It does not matter what type of car model you own. You would have to replace the oil filter more often despite having different car models or types. A lubrication system is very important to operate any internal combustion engine properly. You must get the engine oil and oil filter replaced every year. It also depends on the design of your car’s lubrication system and the manufacturer. You might have to change or replace the oil filter every 10,000 kilometers to 15,000 kilometers.

Air filter

You will also have to replace the engine air filter on a regular basis. Most car manufacturers will recommend replacement every year or every 15,000 kilometers. But the real criteria are to replace it, then it becomes dirty or clogged. If you’re driving on gravel roads, the air filter would be shortened. If you fail to replace a dirty air filter, it will minimize the airflow to the engine.  As a result, it will reduce your car’s fuel efficiency. Usually, air filters are inexpensive items so you can replace them without hesitation.

Drive belt

The alternator, oil pump, water pump, and AC compressor are all powered by the drive belt or any belt systems. Belts are usually made using a rubber type to withstand the biggest temperature gaps possible. However, within time, the rubber will start to crack or dry out. The belt will lose and become slippery if the cracks are bigger. If you fail to replace it, then it may lead to a tear. If the belt is torn, then the car will come to a halt.

Cabin filter

cabin filters are also called pollen filters. These are used to clean the air entering the cabin. It cleans the cabins from contaminants like dust and pollen. If the cabin filters are dusted or clogged, the climate control system must be fixed. Many people need to pay more attention to the changing of cabin filters. However, it is quite inexpensive and can be replaced easily.

Brake pads and discs

Right after oil changes, replacing brake pads and discs is the cherry on top for most mechanics. This is not that unusual because the brakes are being used every time you step into your car. These brakes require frequent replacement frequently. Every time you put your foot on the brake pedal, it throws onto the discs and slows down the car. The continuous rubbing and friction will make the components wear out. Eventually, you will have to replace it.

Wheel speed sensors

It is very annoying when the ABS warning light illuminates your dashboard. The problem is mostly related to the field speed sensors. These sensors are on the knuckles that point towards the speeds and sensor rings.

Wheel speed sensors are constantly exposed to the outside elements due to their location. While you drive your car, these are exposed to sand or water. It often damages the inside components as well and needs to be replaced. You must refer to your car’s repair manual to replace the wheel speed sensors.

Due to the different road conditions, suspension components are always under stress. Stabilizer links might absorb the shocks coming from the potholes and bumps on the roads. Therefore, these auto parts need to be replaced more often. You will find stabilizer links more common car parts to fail. So, you need to replace these stabilizer links to improve the working with your car.

Ball joints

boy joints are used to allow your front wheels to move. It makes the front wheels move on the vertical axis. The ball joints can get affected by continuous hits to two cracks or small bumps on the road. These bold joints are lubricated from the factory. These are protected with a rubber seal to prevent dirt and water from entering. After sometimes there would be a point when the water would be able to enter. And due to this, the grease will be washed out. You must remember that if you fail to replace the loose ball joint, more expensive repairs will be made. Even though it can also lead you to have a car crash.

Control arm bushing

These bushings hold the ball joints at the other end of the control arms. These storms rotate like ball joints. Instead, they use Polyurethane bushings to allow the arms to go up and down. Due to the faulty bushing, you will notice the inside sleeve part sliding out. When it happens, a low metal voice will be heard when driving over potholes. If your car is more than five years old, then you will have to replace these bushings.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are also known as struts. These rarely need to be replaced because of water-causing rust. Instead, struts usually need to be changed when they are leaking. You will have to test the shocks; most fitment centers will test them for free. 

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